We are long-time coffee enthusiasts!

Whether stemming from childhood and the conversations held around tables with loved ones or from the blandness found in a hot cup that was offered while living in a halfway house, we were united with an appetite for good coffee.

We are both people in recovery aspiring to give back to those suffering, as well as those wanting to give to others. While our own journeys have been different, we share a mutual passion for coffee. Without the ability to overcome our own pasts, we may not have been able to bring our dream to fruition. We are true believers that the path unfolds from the places we have been.

Perseverance has taught us a steadfast patience that proves anything is possible. It only makes sense to give back what we know: Experience and success combined with an uncommonly good coffee!

We are proof that success is possible.

Being in recovery, we often found our choices for non-alcoholic beverages were limited at public places and venues. As we grew tired from the ominous, never changing options, we soon found that fate was pushing us to bring life to a dream we shared – being able to offer something different and desirable to those around us.

It just made sense that instead of spending time looking for the perfect blends, we could produce what we had yet to find. Rather than putting time and effort into searching, we opted to make our own.

A cup of run-of-the-mill coffee is typical to find.

We knew this and wanted to create something that no one else had. Outside of our daily lives, we divided our time between meetings and traveling, and we knew that a great coffee also had its place to be found.

Not long after we were married, we found ourselves staring at an overgrown lot of an abandoned roadside coffee house. Knowing that purchasing something like this was out of reach for us, we opted to take the idea and make it our own.

Before long, we were learning our trade. Instead of expecting any venue to have what we were seeking, we decided we needed to ensure that venues could include what we offered. We purchased a food trailer and converted it to a mobile coffee cafe.

Uncommon Grounds Mobile Cafe was born.

We have built our business from a dream. We find that meeting new people as we also experience new places is a source of fulfillment that we had lacked. We are giving others great tasting coffee when they otherwise wouldn’t expect to have it. We are giving back an appreciation for what we had always hoped to find ourselves.

As we push forward, both in our life together and in our recovery journeys, we feel blessed to be able to bring a comfort to others. Knowing that the aromas and tastes we offer provide so many with a welcomed change from the typical cup of coffee, we know we are succeeding as we expand.

While so many yesterdays have left us full of questions and doubts, we can now look to our future with excitement, hope, and happiness.

We are roasting uncommon grounds and serving others through our passion.

We love what we do and we live for this!

Much Love,

Melvin & Michelle Keil